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Weekly FOGO already reaping rewards

Weekly FOGO already reaping rewards

Weekly FOGO already reaping rewards

Tuesday 25 October 2022

If you can imagine what a pile of watermelons looks like – around 23,000 – then that’s the amount of additional food scraps and garden organics which were recycled into compost from Holdfast Bay households last month.

The extra 159 tonnes of food and garden waste was recorded in September this year, compared to September last year.

And the increase in food recycling is the direct result of the weekly green FOGO bin collection service, which is now operational across the city.

Since its official start in July this year, weekly FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin collections have been embraced by more than 14,000 households, with just 16% opting out and reverting to the old service in which their landfill bins are collected weekly.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday zones are already achieving more than 70% landfill diversion rate – up from about 60% - meaning more food waste is not being buried in landfill but is being recycled.

It’s expected that a council-wide diversion rate of 70% will be reached by the end of the month.

Increasing the amount of food waste sent to be composted is more environmentally sustainable than continuing to send food waste to landfill, and will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Around 300 households have accessed upsized red-lid landfill bins, while continuing with the weekly FOGO bin collection service.

To apply for an upsized landfill or recycling bin, or to opt out and return to the old weekly landfill service, visit

If it grows, it goes

Along with garden and lawn clippings, weeds and leaves, all food scraps can go straight into the green-lid FOGO bins – either in a compostable bag, wrapped in newspaper or loose.

This includes dairy, meat, bones, fish, fruits and vegetables, breads and cakes.

The FOGO bin is also suitable for pet waste (in a compostable bag), nail clippings, hair, greasy pizza boxes, egg cartons, paper towels and tissues.

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