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We invite you to share your views on the proposal to consider 29 Contributory Items to become Local Heritage Places.

Thursday 11 March 2021

We invite you to share your views on the proposal to consider 29 Contributory Items to become Local Heritage Places.


In May 2019, the former Minister for Planning advised councils that they could prepare a Transition Development Plan Amendment to elevate suitable Contributory Items to Local Heritage Places if they comply with the legislated criteria under the Development Act 1993. Guidelines for councils undertaking a DPA to elevate worthy Contributory Items was provided in the “Heritage in Transition Guide” produced by the SA Planning Commission in August 2019.

In response, the City of Holdfast Bay resolved to proceed with a Local Heritage Development Plan Amendment commissioning a Heritage Survey of the 534 Contributory Items listed in table HoB/3 of the Development Plan.

Proposed Development Plan Amendment

Pursuant to sections 24 and 25 of the Development Act 1993, The City of Holdfast Bay has prepared a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Report to amend its Development Plan.

The DPA seeks to elevate 29 Contributory Items from Council’s list of 534 Contributory Items to become Local Heritage Places. Each place has been assessed against the local heritage criteria (prescribed in section 23 (4) (a) of the Development Act,1993).

This DPA is not a council-wide heritage survey, but is limited to existing Heritage Contributory Items located within an Historic Conservation Area.

What is a Contributory Item?

Contributory Items are buildings or structures that are considered to make a positive contribution to the historic streetscape character of an area. Contributory Items generally form part of a cohesive group of buildings that demonstrate a consistent pattern of particular forms of development, representing a defined period and its built-form character, usually described in Desired Character statements within a Development Plan.

What is a Local Heritage Place?

Local Heritage Places are buildings or structures that are significant to the heritage of Holdfast Bay. They provide us with a physical connection to the past and reflect the practices, attitudes, architecture, design and values that have shaped the environment. Local Heritage Place listings will help to ensure ongoing heritage protection for future generations to appreciate.

Share your view

We are seeking your feedback on the proposal to elevate 29 Contributory Items to become Local Heritage Places. Submissions can be made by completing the form below by 5pm, Thursday 6 May 2021. You can also send us an email to or post your feedback to City of Holdfast Bay PO Box 19 BRIGHTON SA 5048.

Public Meeting

A public meeting will be held in June 2021 at the Brighton Civic Centre, 24 Jetty Road Brighton. The public meeting will not be held if no submissions are received or if no submissions indicate a desire to be heard at the hearing. Copies of all submissions will be available for inspection at the Brighton Civic Centre until the conclusion of the public hearing.

This 57 day engagement opens on Thursday 11 March and closes on 5pm Thursday 6 May 2021