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Three cheers for our volunteers

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Holdfast Bay’s dedicated group of volunteers were celebrated this week at a special breakfast, as part of National Volunteer Week, which runs from 16-22 May.

There are 315 volunteers who spend more than 3700 hours each month serving the Holdfast Bay community – be it on the Community Bus, as personal transport drivers, as Holdfast Habitat Heroes or sharing their knowledge at our community centres and Bay Discovery Centre.

Among the volunteers who received certificates to acknowledge their years of service were:

5 years of service

  • Mary Carella
  • Dean Mann
  • Michael Mickan
  • Glenda Parsons
  • Bronwyn Rowett
  • Angelique Williams
  • Gary Williams

10 years of service

  • Jeanie Lake

15 years of service

  • Annie Harvey
  • Michael McFarlane

Holdfast Bay History Centre volunteer Jim Blake received a special mention for 20 years of service to the community.

Appreciation certificates were awarded to five volunteers for their excellence, dedication and leadership. They were awarded to:

  • David Havard
  • Audrey Manion
  • Barry Mesecke
  • Nolene Shepherd
  • Ian Short

Nine community members also received a special commendation and received the prestigious Premier's Outstanding Volunteers certificate.

  • Alan Tomlins
  • Irene Vlassis
  • Roger Wicks
  • Anthea Williams
  • Steve Williams
  • Gary Williams
  • Lachlan Van Dyk
  • David Greig
  • Simon Hoad

Alan Tomlins was described as a “pillar of the personal transport program”, driving up to 10 people each week to appointments and back again.

Irene Vlassis is a familiar face at the Glenelg Community Centre and Roger Wicks is a dedicated volunteer at the Bay Discovery Centre.

Gary Williams, who also received a 5 years of service certificate, was commended for showing kindness towards a Holdfast Bay resident, ensuring he got home safely on the Community Bus when his regular transport didn’t show up.

And Anthea and Steve Williams were commended for their dedication to the environment and caring for the Brighton Dunes for more than two decades.

Lachlan Van Dyk volunteers in the youth sector, David Greig in transport and Simon Hoad is a history volunteer.

If you want to join this special group of people and become a volunteer, find out more on our Volunteering page.

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