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Students share their vision for Holdfast Bay’s future

Monday 2 August 2021

Year 4 students from St Peter’s Woodlands have shared their vision for the future of our neighbourhoods, as part of the community engagement which led to the creation of the Draft Strategic Plan, Our Holdfast 2050+.

The students were asked to share their view through drawings of their ideal suburb of the future and the important features it would include.

Council acknowledged a report done in 2020 by the Commissioner for Children and Young People which highlighted that the voices of children aged 8-12 years are rarely heard in relation to public policy.

And because Our Holdfast 2050+ focusses on the future, this age group was asked to have input into the future they’d like to see created.

Students contributed their ideas through drawings and three common themes emerged – sustainability, wellbeing and innovation - which became the focus themes for the plan.

Anyone who lives, works or plays in the City of Holdfast Bay, is also invited to share their view on the Draft Strategic Plan, with the period of community engagement extended for a week until 8 August 2021.

Illustrations of future-vision scenarios are also on display in the Brighton and Glenelg libraries and at the Brighton Civic Centre. People are encouraged to view the pictures and react to what they like or don’t like with coloured stickers.

Or read the Draft Strategic Plan online via our Your Holdfast website and share your view before 8 August 2021.

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