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Seacliff Park Residential and Centre DPA

Seacliff Park Residential and Centre DPA

Thursday 22 August 2019

The City of Marion and the City of Holdfast Bay have prepared a joint Development Plan Amendment Report (DPA) to amend their respective Development Plans.

The amendment will change both Councils Development Plans by proposing to rezone land informally referred to as “Cement Hill” or the “Monier/Lorenzin land”, near the intersection of Scholefield Road and Ocean Boulevard, within the suburbs of Seacliff, Seacliff Park and Marino.

The site has historically been used for quarrying, concrete manufacturing, domestic land fill, roof tile manufacturing and as a depot for a construction company. The dilapidated nature of the land and other issues associated with the site have been a major concern for residents in the area for many years. The land is located in both the City of Marion and the City of Holdfast Bay.

Currently within the Residential, Mineral Extraction and Hills Face Zones within the Marion Council Development Plan, and the Residential Zone within the Holdfast Bay Council Development Plan, the affected area is to be primarily rezoned to Suburban Neighbourhood Zone. This Zone will support medium density dwellings in a low to medium rise form (1 – 6 storeys) and a neighbourhood level activity centre (including shops, business and community facilities) to potentially be built.

No change to the Hills Face Zone boundary or policies is proposed.

The DPA report and corresponding investigations are available for public consultation from 22 August 2019 until 17 October 2019.