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Sad passing of councillor Mikki Bouchee

Saturday 31 July 2021

It is with sadness that we announce that the City of Holdfast Bay’s long-serving Elected Member, councillor Mikki Bouchee, has died.

The councillor’s passing on Friday 30 July, will be an extraordinary loss to both the community and council as Mikki’s advocacy for her constituents and the City of Holdfast Bay was second to none.

Mikki was first elected to council in 1987, when it was still the City of Glenelg. She served four years as a councillor and four years as Alderman.

She went on to represent her community in the City of Holdfast Bay for 18 years and was Deputy Mayor from 2015-2016.

Mikki will be remembered as a trailblazer who was both compassionate and fierce.

Among her many achievements, Mikki was instrumental in establishing a new Public Library Service, the introduction of a Kerbside Recycling Collection Service and the implementation of a Street Tree Planting Strategy throughout the city.

Mikki was also a council representative to the Alwyndor Management Committee and worked hard to ensure the elderly and older residents were included in future strategies and infrastructure projects across the city.

For many years, Mikki championed the redevelopment of Glenelg Oval and her wishes were realised in 2020, with the implementation of the Glenelg Oval Masterplan and upgrade of the Holdfast Tennis Club.

She was a staunch and passionate supporter of animals and advocated fiercely for council to provide funding to protect the Hooded Plovers - Australia’s most endangered shorebird - on our beaches.

Reflecting on her accomplishments, Mikki described them as a “mix of anxiety, elation, frustration, reading, networking, on-site education, community meetings, feelings of success /failure, ever changing political regimes, friendships made/lost and above all a real sense of community”.

Mikki was also involved with other organisations and charity groups, including:

Rotary Club of Glenelg

Glenelg Neighbourhood Watch

Meals on Wheels

Residents Assocation

Friends of the Library

Somerton Yacht Club

Glenelg Historic Society

Council boards

Council Assessment Panel

Community Donation Assessment Panel

Board member, Southern Region Waste Management

Chair/Board member, Western Region Waste Management

Board member, NRM

Deputy member, LGA

Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee