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Public Art Policy

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Public art installations will continue to play an important role across Holdfast Bay as a way of creating distinctive places and precincts, cultivating creative values and strengthening our rich cultural heritage.

Holdfast Bay’s Elected Members endorsed the Public Art Policy at this week’s council meeting which confirms council’s commitment to investing in public art in the future. The policy also recognises that public art plays an integral part in enhancing and celebrating the unique identity, rich heritage and vibrant culture of the city.

In recent years, Holdfast Bay’s public art collection has grown to more than 50 permanent installations throughout the city.

This includes the ‘My Big Red Heart’ sculpture which has become a tourist attraction in itself since it took up residence near the Glenelg jetty four years ago.

Many of the public artworks have been installed along the Coast Park and are ornamental works that have been purchased from the annual Brighton Jetty Sculptures Festival, including the most recent addition at Seacliff called Finding Balance.

In 2019 the Creative Holdfast Arts & Culture Strategy was developed to provide a five-year framework to guide the planning, coordination and investment in arts and culture across the City of Holdfast Bay.

The Public Art Policy complements the strategy and aligns with the vision to establish Holdfast Bay as a leading creative and cultural city.