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Proposed Traffic Changes – Esplanade at Seacliff

Friday 12 June 2020

Council is aware of a private proposal circulating in the community detailing suggested changes to traffic management on the Esplanade at Seacliff.

It is important to note that this is not a proposal developed by, or currently being considered by Council. Council understands the proposal has been developed and circulated by a group of residents and it has not been presented to Council.

Council believes community consultation is an essential element when considering future traffic changes, so please be assured that if Council were considering specific changes to traffic management in the City, this would be subject to a formal consultation so the community could provide their feedback.

With regard to broader traffic issues across Holdfast Bay, a draft Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) is currently being developed and will be considered by Council in the coming months. A first stage of community consultation on the ITS was held in 2019, and a second stage of consultation will take place later this year. For more information, and to receive updates visit: