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payWave now available on all Council parking machines

payWave now available on all Council parking machines

Thursday 30 August 2018

The City of Holdfast Bay's existing coin-only parking meters will be replaced with new Credit Card/payWave/Coin capable machines commencing today, Monday, 6 August 2018.

The new machines will still accept coins, but bring the convenience of also being able to pay for parking using a credit card either via payWave or by inserting a credit card into the machine (however the machine will not process transactions if the credit card requires a PIN – this is because the machines do not have the full telephone authorisation system necessary to provide that functionality). The machines will also not accept Debit Cards if they require a PIN.

The 12 new machines will be placed in the same locations as the existing machines as each is removed.

The machines have clear instructions explaining how they work which are on the units themselves.

Temporary signage will also be placed next to each new machines with a 24/7 contact number for people to call should they have any issues or concerns about using the machines.

To be clear, these new machines are being installed to replace existing lower function machines and are applicable to paid parking zones only. There are no changes to the costs, time periods or locations as part of this replacement program. Existing timed (but unpaid) parking arrangement remain unchanged.