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New LED street lights for Holdfast Bay

Thursday 1 November 2018

As of October 2018, Council will begin replacing 2,550 street lights with energy efficient LED lights across the City of Holdfast Bay.

The new lights being installed will be up to 82% more energy efficient than existing mercury vapour lamps, require less maintenance and generate a warm to white light similar to existing lighting (around 4000 Kelvin).

LED lighting is a much improved light than the old technology and the changeover will lower councils' greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 517 tonnes a year.

The removed old street lights will be recycled responsibly to prevent heavy metals (i.e. mercury) and other hazardous substances entering landfill.

The LED upgrade will not only improve lighting levels in residential streets and on footpaths, it will result in net annualised savings of approximately $220,000 per annum over the 20 year life of lights through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs.