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Iconic pair share the Tree of the Month title for September

Iconic pair share the Tree of the Month title for September

Iconic pair share the Tree of the Month title for September

Monday 5 September 2022

If you’ve heard of the trees known as Paddy and Charlie but didn’t know where to find them – this is your month.

Both Paddy and Charlie, which are Norfolk Island pines and are icons of Kingston Park, each bear a blue sash, as they’re jointly our Tree of the Month for September.

They’re located near the entrance of the Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park – where they have stood since being planted in 1865 by George Strickland Kingston – at the base of the cliff stairs leading to the Kingston family property, Kingston House.

The trees were named after George’s sons, Strickland Gough and Charles Cameron, whose nicknames were Paddy and Charlie.

The former City of Brighton adorned one of the trees – who most assume is Paddy – with a plaque which bears their names.

And it’s this particular tree which has recently received some love and attention from the City of Holdfast Bay’s arborist and open space team, due to its declining health.

A water-filled barrier was installed last year just behind the tree to allow water to slowly and continually leak into the tree’s root system, along with liquid fertiliser.

Ladybirds were also released on both trees earlier this year, as a method of biological pest control for a mealybug outbreak.

More than 400 ladybirds, and 100 of their larvae, were released onto 40 Norfolk Island Pine trees from Glenelg North to Kingston Park, including Paddy and Charlie, as if left untreated, a mealybug outbreak can have an impact on the trees’ health.

The iconic pair are visible from the top of the cliff near Kingston House or from the pathway that runs parallel with the beach and will each wear the Tree of the Month sash for the month of September.

If you have a favourite tree in Holdfast Bay, consider nominating it for the Tree of the Month honour.

Since the Tree of the Month campaign started in April 2021, we’ve highlighted 16 different trees across the city, from significant River Red gums, a Honey Locut tree at Alwyndor, a Hill’s weeping fig and a small grove of New Zealand Christmas trees in Glenelg.

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