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Federal funding commitment sought for a new recycling plant in Adelaide’s south

Thursday 16 May 2019

A new material recycling facility (MRF) in Adelaide’s southern suburbs is key to minimising the use of landfill and improving recycling, according to the Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA).

SRWRA, a joint subsidiary of Holdfast, Marion and Onkaparinga councils, has developed a business case for the development of a $21 million MRF at Seaford Heights and says government investment is essential.

Chairman of SRWRA, Mark Booth, is calling on local federal election candidates to make a commitment to investing in local recycling and a circular economy for the southern Adelaide communities.

“The operation of the MRF creates the opportunity to stimulate local economic growth through the creation of new industry to re-use, re-purpose and recycle the recovered resources,” says Mr Booth.

“I’ve written to the candidates of Boothby, Kingston and Mayo to help secure funding, including a $5 million contribution towards the construction of the $21 million plant and $5 million for an economic development fund to support the attraction and co-location of compatible circular economy industries to the SRWRA site.”

The new facility is being considered in response to China’s ban on contaminated recycling imports, and the rising financial and environmental costs of disposal to landfill.

“This is about us becoming self-sufficient, creating a circular economy and reducing our reliance on recycling companies,” says Mr Booth.

“We’ll be able to utilise recycled materials in our own backyard, create up to 37 full-time equivalent jobs at the new plant, process approximately 60,000 tonnes of product per annum, and attract complementary businesses to our region that can either use these materials or establish a circular economy by creating products that councils themselves require.”

“A need for a MRF to service southern Adelaide communities and peri-urban areas has been identified in the state’s Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan and a plant like this will reduce the financial impacts of the China Sword recycling ban being felt by not only our three councils, but all councils and their ratepayers.

“Local government is the closest tier of government to the people it serves, and this partnership between Marion, Onkaparinga and Holdfast shows that collectively we can focus on cost-effective solutions for ratepayers no matter how pressing the external circumstances may be.”

Comments from City of Onkaparinga Mayor, Erin Thompson “This is a complex problem that requires all tiers of government to work together and find a positive, long-term solution. The Southern Region Waste Recourse Authority’s proposed material recycling facility is a great example of local councils working collaboratively to deliver major benefits to the local environment and economy.”

Comments from City of Holdfast Bay Mayor, Amanda Wilson “The proposed material recycling facility would provide an important step forward in helping to solve our waste and resource issues in the southern suburbs. It would also be a key driver in developing new green economies in South Australia.”

Comments from City of Marion CEO, Adrian Skull

This is an exciting opportunity to protect our natural environment. The proposal seeks much-needed investment that would benefit the region for generations to come.

Comments from City of Mitcham Mayor, Dr Heather Holmes-Ross The City of Mitcham, a member of Eastern Waste Authority, is very supportive of the establishment of a SRWRA recycling plan as it will provide southern residents with a facility to reduce the cost and improve recycling rates.


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