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Facts about the Moseley Beach Club activation

Thursday 30 August 2018


As there has been a recent renewed interest regarding the facts relating to the Moseley Beach Club trial, the City of Holdfast Bay offers the following information.

Council carefully consider event, community and commercial activation applications to ensure all risks are mitigated, and that event design and operations comply with Council By-laws and State legislation.

Glenelg Beach is a public space and will continue to be available for community access year round.

AREA: The Moseley Beach Club used approximately 750 square meters of 11km of available beach (less than 0.1% of available beach) whilst it was in operation for a 73 day trial period in period 2017-18.

MANAGEMENT: There were no Liquor License breaches, no breaches regarding noise, and zero Police incidents at the Mosley Beach Club during the trial.

ECONOMIC BENEFIT: The economic impact of the activation was measured at $3,685,500 of input into local businesses and the community.

NEW EMPLOYMENT: The Moseley Beach Club employed 40 new staff which included previously retrenched staff from the Lone Star Rib House situated in Moseley Square, Glenelg. In addition 20 musicians were employed to perform during operating hours.

TOURISM BOOST: The daily average capacity was 360 people peaking at 600 people on Saturdays, totalling more than 30,000 people for the 11 week period, including more than 18,000 international visitors.

POSITIVE RESIDENT SURVEY: An independent market research survey undertaken specifically with local residents following the Moseley Beach Club activation showed that 80% of residents were in favour or indifferent, with 20% opposed.

The City of Holdfast Bay currently host over 200 events and festivals per year and a range of family-friendly attractions. Tourism is an important industry in Holdfast Bay attracting in excess of 1,300,000 visitors per year, accounts for 12% of local jobs, and tourism expenditure is valued at $225m, contributing to 15% of our total economic activity.

Council actively listen to the needs and expectations of both visitors and residents alike and values your feedback.

Council will continue to carefully consider all applications for events and activations both on beach and off beach across the City of Holdfast Bay to ensure there is always a diverse balance activities on offer year round.