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Council's submission in response to proposed Seawall redevelopment

Friday 19 February 2021

Mayor Amanda Wilson, on behalf of the City of Holdfast Bay, has written a formal submission outlining a wide range of concerns about the proposed construction of a 13-storey residential building on the Seawall Apartments site at Glenelg.


Dear Secretary,

Representation on Application 110/M019/21 at 21-25 South Esplanade, Glenelg

Thank you for the invitation to comment on the above mentioned development application for the demolition of buildings, including a local heritage place, and the construction of a 13-storey residential flat building with associated basement car parking and porte cochere at 21-25 South Esplanade, Glenelg South.

Council considered the matter at its meeting held on 9 February 2021, resolving to provide the following comments as an adjoining landowner with entitlement pursuant to section 38(7) of the Development Act 1993 (it is understood that a separate referral to provide technical comments on the proposal has been offered to council’s administration staff pursuant to section 34 of the Development Act 1993, which will be provided separately in accordance with the distinct instructions for that process):

1. That following an invitation by the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) to provide comments as an adjoining landowner for a development application to construct a 13-storey apartment building at 21-25 South Esplanade, Glenelg, administration prepare a submission on Council’s behalf for the Mayor’s authorisation, which outlines the following concerns with the proposal:

  • The excessive height of the development relative to the Development Plan requirements and general character of the locality (and particularly Pier Street).
  • The limited capacity for Pier Street to cater for the volume of traffic envisaged.
  • The visual impact of the high-rise building on the amenity of residential properties located to the east and south of the site.
  • The scale of the development negatively impacts on the outlook from the public realm and connectivity to the reserve located to the immediate west.
  • Adequate provision for visitor car parking is lacking and /or restricted, placing greater pressure on the already at-capacity local road network, such as Pier Street, to cater for the overflow.
  • The capacity of State utilities, including waste water services, is not designed to manage the higher than anticipated density of development proposed, which may exacerbate localised pressures.
  • A council kerbside collection service cannot be offered on the basis that it is logistically impractical to collect the number of bins envisaged from the local street network, and as such, a formal commitment is required to ensure that waste collection is managed on-site by private agreement.
  • The design of the western façade requires further refinement to ensure that there is greater visual connectivity at the interface between private and public spaces, with fewer solid elements and greater permeability.

2. That Council reserves its right to have a representative appear before the SCAP in support of its written submission as an adjoining landowner.

3. That this submission, submitted on behalf of Council as an adjoining landowner, is separate to and distinct from, administration’s technical submission on the proposal.

Thank you again for the opportunity to engage in this process, as this development application has generated significant interest in the community, with a genuine desire on the part of residents and community leaders that an appropriate development is delivered for this site, which reflects the desired character for the locality.

It should be noted that the community was consulted on changes to the Development Plan for this location as recently as 2016, with the ensuing changes resulting in a 5-storey limit to development for this site. It is therefore understandable that the same community is now perplexed as to how consideration can be given to a 13-storey development.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Craig Watson, Team Leader Development Assessment on 8229 9955 or at should you have any queries regarding this submission. Please be advised that a Council representative wishes to be heard personally by the SCAP in support of this written submission at the appropriate time.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Wilson