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Chapel Plaza sculpture to “arouse curiosity”

Thursday 5 August 2021

The artist creating a new piece of public art, which will be installed as part of Glenelg’s Chapel Plaza development, hopes it will “arouse curiosity”.

Michael Kutschbach has been working on the sculpture for the past four months in the workshop of his Hawthorndene home with assistance from two other artists. He says the piece will be unlike anything seen before within the City of Holdfast Bay.

“I hope it’ll come across as a very friendly, strange thing – one that arouses curiosity,” Michael said.

“It’s a generous, fun, colourful and responsive sculpture. And given the textures on it, it’ll be irresistible to touch.”

Standing several meters high, Michael has used glass-fibre cement around a steel frame for the main shape of the sculpture.

It'll be finished off with a splash of colour and hand-blown glass details, along with water and light elements which will make it “come alive”, particularly at night.

“People will be drawn to its textures and surfaces, like you are in nature with certain rocks or sand. You feel compelled to go up closer and touch those that’s what I’m hoping will be the effect of this as well,” Michael said.

The transformation of Chapel Street – which runs off Jetty Road - into a public plaza started in April this year. Along with new public art piece, there’ll be more seating, lighting and trees planted to create a new and welcoming open space for the community and visitors.

The $3.6 million project also extends across the road to Hindmarsh Lane, which will be significantly upgraded to help strengthen pedestrian connections within the precinct.

Once the works have been completed, there will be new public toilets, a parent room and a Changing Places toilet for the profoundly disabled.

About the artist

Michael Kutschbach is a South Australian based artist, whose work encompasses drawing, sculpture, installation, painting, video and sound.

His practice is material and process-based, resulting in aesthetic/haptic outcomes that play at the borders of abstraction.

Michael studied art in Victoria, South Australia and in London and has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally including solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Singapore, UK, Italy and the US.

Visit Michael's website to see more of his work -

Or follow him on Instagram.

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