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Champions give weekly FOGO thumbs up

Champions give weekly FOGO thumbs up

Champions give weekly FOGO thumbs up

Monday 27 June 2022

Kingston Park residents Juliette, David and their three children have been part of the weekly green FOGO bin collection service since a trial started in their area in late 2020. And they love it.

"We found that our green bin was full most weeks when it was on the fortnightly collection, and now it's being emptied weekly, it's really good for us," said David.

The family also have a child in nappies and mostly use reusable cloth nappies. Council offers a 50% rebate (up to $100) on the purchase of modern reusable cloth nappies as part of the Green Living Subsidies program.

"It's not that hard to do - we make it work for us," said Juliette.

"I'd say give it a go as it’s a really good initiative and is good for the environment."

They’re not the only ones who have embraced the weekly FOGO collection service.

Geoff from Somerton Park is another local resident who thinks weekly FOGO is the way to go.

“I was apprehensive to start off with as change is always hard to accept, but it’s great for the environment, great for South Australia - get on board,” Geoff said.

“It also means I can mow the lawns each week and the food waste goes each week too.”

The move to weekly green FOGO bin collections starts on 4 July for households whose bins are collected on Mondays.

The new service will be rolled out across the city in coming months and each household will receive a welcome pack a few weeks prior, including a new kitchen caddy, a roll of compostable bags and a new waste collection calendar.

The weekly green FOGO bin collection service is aimed at encouraging the community to place more food waste in their green FOGO bins, where it belongs.

Increasing the amount of food waste sent to be composted is more environmentally sustainable than continuing to send food waste to landfill and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To opt out of the new service and to return to the old service of having the red-lid landfill bins collected each week, call our customer service team on 8229 9999, or fill out a form online at

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