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Celebrating our wonderful trees each month

Celebrating our wonderful trees each month

Celebrating our wonderful trees each month

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Holdfast Bay resident Beau Warren loves this tree in Gilbertson Gully.

Not only does he walk past it every day – and has done since he was a child - he also nominated the sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) to be our Tree of the Month for June.

Now, the tree bears a bright blue sash and can be easily spotted from the road.

“Small native trees go unrecognised yet play the most important role for the natural environment,“ said Beau.

This unassuming tree doesn’t only appeal to Beau, but as the tree produces cones, it also attracts birds such as the vulnerable yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

Another interesting feature of the sheoak is the fact that it’s dioecious - meaning the tree is either female or male. Luckily for the cockatoos, this tree is female and produces seeds that the birds love to eat.

The sheoak also co-exists in harmony with a mistletoe plant, which can be seen growing off the tree’s branches. And that attracts the tiny and vibrant mistletoe bird, making this tree a biodiversity power-house.

“Native mistletoe is really important for biodiversity as well,” said Beau.

“There are not many Allocasuarinas in this area but this one has been here for a while."

The Allocasuarina is the third tree in Holdfast Bay to be adorned with the sash, as part of our Tree of the Month campaign which highlights and celebrates our Holdfast Bay trees.

Last month, the 122-year-old Ombu tree, which lives in the Partridge House gardens, received its sash from the garden’s volunteers Anne and Ken.

And in April, a very impressive Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) was chosen by our resident arborist Ben Hall for the Tree of the Month honour. Boasting a 13-metre canopy, the tree on Sixth Avenue, Glenelg East also plays a vital role in the heat of summer, providing shade and cooling the surrounding area by up to 10 degrees.

Our Tree of the Month campaign honours the amazing trees we have in Holdfast Bay.

Tell us about your favourite tree or submit a nomination for the next Tree of the Month via the link below.

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