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Buildings and homes protected in heritage boost

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Adelaide’s heritage will be better preserved with hundreds of buildings approved for enhanced heritage protections.

Among the 254 new listings across South Australia are 34 new Local Heritage Places in Holdfast Bay, including St Martin's Anglican Church in Glenelg South, which dates back to 1888.

These buildings will now be subject to stronger demolition controls, above and beyond those which already apply to them.

“Be it their historical significance, architectural importance or reflection of the area’s charm, these buildings deserve extra protection so they can be enjoyed for generations to come,” said Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman.

The City of Holdfast Bay was among four local councils which sought approval to have Local Heritage Place protections added to buildings in their area. These were assessed by the State Planning Commission before a recommendation was made to the Minister.

City of Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson said all buildings put forward hold significant importance for the Glenelg area.

“As Glenelg was the first mainland settlement in the state, our homes, buildings and environment are rich in character and history,” she said.

“We are committed to proactively protecting and celebrating our heritage properties - not only for their immediate owners, but for future generations.”

More than 7,000 buildings are covered by a Local Heritage Place overlay in South Australia, all of which can be viewed in the Planning and Design Code and the South Australian Heritage Register.

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