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Bowker brute is our Tree of the Month

Monday 7 March 2022

It’s big, bold and beautiful and now boasts another honour, Tree of the Month for March.

Standing proud on the corner of Bowker Street and Brighton Road at Somerton Park, this river red gum - affectionately called Bowker Brute by some people – is estimated to be at least 150 years old.

An aerial photo taken of the area more than 70 years ago shows it standing proud back then as well.

Linda Yates nominated the tree for being an “iconic gum tree” in the area.

“I just look at the size of it and think gosh, how long has this tree been here,” she said.

“It’s certainly one of the biggest in the area that I see frequently, and I’ve always loved river red gums because they’ve got such individual personalities.”

Because of its size, it’s estimated that this particular tree provides enough oxygen in one year for 53 people to breathe in one day

It cleans the air by removing more than 2000 grams of harmful air pollution every year and provides the equivalent shade to 128 beach umbrellas.

We’ve already honoured 10 other trees across the Holdfast Bay area over the past year.

Historic aerial image of street trees
Aerial image of Bowker Street and Brighton Road, circa 1949

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