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Bid to attract tourists back to the Bay

Tuesday 23 March 2021

A strategic plan to guide the recovery and development of the Holdfast Bay tourism industry, has been endorsed by Elected Members and will continue for the next three years.

The Tourism Recovery Plan aims to restimulate tourism in our region and help businesses and tourism operators recover economically from the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Before COVID, 1.4 million people made day trips to Holdfast Bay (in 2019) and another 140,000 people stayed overnight.

The plan will target local return visitors, day-trip audiences, people visiting friends and relatives in South Australia and domestic overnight visitors.

The plan also aims to deliver on four priority area, which are:

  • Driving demand: Increasing the desirability of the City of Holdfast Bay as a travel destination
  • Destination development: Ensuring every visitor has a positive, memorable experience by developing accessible tourism products, experiences and visitor precincts.
  • Resilience and sustainability: Understanding of the contribution of the visitor economy and encouraging the effective, integrated and consistent approach to the management of our destination.
  • Consultation and Partnerships: Effectively collaborating with all levels of government and the cities stakeholders to grow tourism in the region.

In the City of Holdfast Bay, tourism supports an estimated 1,800 jobs, which is 14% of total employment. The majority of these jobs are in businesses that provide goods and services directly to visitors, such as accommodation, cafes and restaurants and retailing.