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Ancient naval tradition comes to Glenelg

Ancient naval tradition comes to Glenelg

Ancient naval tradition comes to Glenelg

Thursday 11 August 2022

The Royal Australian Navy will descend on Glenelg this weekend, for a ceremonial parade that will mark the decommissioning of navy vessel, the HMAS Glenelg.

The Commanding Officer and crew will take part in the Freedom of Entry parade from Waterloo Street, along Jetty Road to Moseley Square from 9am on Saturday, 13 August 2022.

As part of the tradition, Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson will conduct an inspection of the Guard, Colour Party, Ship’s Company and Band before they march along Jetty Road.

The unit will be halted by a senior police officer at a challenge point in front of St Andrew's Church by the Sea. There the Navy Commanding Officer will deliver a short address before being presented with a scroll, which grants Freedom of Entry.

The march then continues to Moseley Square.

Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson said she is looking forward to welcoming the Navy to Glenelg.

“We are proud that the name Glenelg - which is one of South Australia’s most recognisable destinations - was bestowed upon this vessel which has been in operation for the past 15 years," Mayor Wilson said.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity for members of the Holdfast Bay community to welcome the HMAS Glenelg’s personnel and express our appreciation for their service to the nation with the Royal Australian Navy.”

The Freedom of Entry tradition dates back to medieval times when armed groups, including troops would request access to fortress communities for food and shelter, in return for protecting fortress residents.

More recently, the Freedom of Entry has come to signify trust and respect between a city or locale and its namesake unit, highlighting the importance of connection.

A concert by the navy band will be held in Moseley Square on Friday night from 6pm.

The crew of the HMAS Glenelg will be there along with Defence Force Recruiting, Navy Community Engagement and Australian Navy Cadets.

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