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All systems go for weekly FOGO

Friday 17 June 2022

In a first for Holdfast Bay – and South Australia – households’ green-lid FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bins will be collected every week, with red-lid landfill bins collected fortnightly.

The change in the bin collection service will start in early July with households whose bins are collected on Mondays and will be rolled out across the city over the coming months.

The new service follows a successful 18-month trial in Holdfast Bay which kicked off in September 2020, with more than 1000 households whose FOGO bins were collected weekly.

Mayor Amanda Wilson says this state-first change to household bin collections will put Holdfast Bay on the map for food waste recycling.

“Our residents are already among the best recyclers in South Australia and over the past two years, many of the calls to our customer service team were about how to better recycle and what could go in the FOGO bin,” she said.

“We understand that recycling behaviours began to shift over this time but, as a community, we can always do better and that’s why we’re moving the entire city to weekly FOGO bin collections.”

Up to 30 per cent of what South Australians put in their landfill bins is compostable.

“We know that many of our residents are greatly concerned by climate change and this is this one of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing emissions,” Mayor Wilson said.

“By putting food scraps into the green-lid FOGO bins, we will reduce the amount of food going to landfill, help lower greenhouse gas emissions, and help make nutrient rich compost for use on farms and gardens.

“The message is simple - think FOGO first.”

Dr Susan Close, Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water commended the move a weekly FOGO bin service as the state moves towards a “more sustainable, de-carbonised future”.

“It’s clear that food and organics should not be going to landfill because this is the worst outcome for our climate and for our economy,” Dr Close said.

“It means we lose a valuable resource like compost and that’s a wasted opportunity. It wastes the energy, water and nutrients in that organic material. That’s the old-fashioned linear economy, not the circular economy we want for South Australia.

“Every South Australian who has access to a green bin that can accept FOGO should be striving to put all of their food and garden waste in the green bin.

“I congratulate the City of Holdfast Bay for providing an exciting opportunity for people to recycle their food waste, while giving larger households the flexibility to request a bigger landfill bin, or the option to switch back to the weekly waste collection.”

Along with garden and lawn clippings, weeds and leaves, all food scraps can go straight into the green-lid FOGO bins – either in a compostable bag, wrapped in newspaper or loose.

The FOGO bin is also suitable for pet waste (in a compostable bag), nail clippings, hair, greasy pizza boxes, egg cartons, paper towels and tissues.

Households requiring more landfill bin space for nappies or hygiene products can apply for a larger red-lid landfill bin by emailing or calling Customer Service on 8229 9999.

Households who would like to return to the old service and have their red-lid landfill bin collected weekly, and green-lid FOGO bin collected fortnightly, are required to complete the ‘Old Service’ request form at or call the City of Holdfast Bay team on 8229 9999.

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