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Council's Supplementary Election 2021 for the vacancy in the Somerton Ward has concluded. Details of elected members are available below

Voters Roll

You can check if you are on the state electoral roll on the Australian Electoral Commission's website. If you do not appear on the roll and are an Australian citizen aged 18 or over you can enrol on the Australian Electoral Commission's website

If you are not eligible to enrol on the state electoral roll you may still be entitled to enrol to vote if you own or occupy a property or are a resident non-Australian citizen.

Forms below can be accepted for future elections but please note Council's Supplementary Roll is cleared from 1 January in an election year (next is 2022), so new applications must be received in an election year i.e. from 1 January 2022 to be on Council’s Supplementary Voters Roll for the next election.

Election signs

Candidates for election need to familiarise themselves with the LGA Election Signs – General Approval Guidelines (April 2019) and council’s Election Signs Policy (see below).

Important information which should be noted is that:

  • Any signage that is damaged and causing a public safety hazard will require candidates to deal with it immediately or it will be removed by council.
  • Signage should be placed so that it does not obstruct the driver's vision.
  • Should council be contacted by the community regarding signage council will take the appropriate action, which may include removal of signage.
  • A permit from council will be required for any signs that are placed on council or local government land, other than roads.

Authorised by: Roberto Bria - CEO, City of Holdfast Bay, 24 Jetty Road, BRIGHTON SA 5048