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Council Election update - provisional results

Sunday 11 November 2018
Council Election update - provisional results

Amanda Wilson has been elected provisionally as Mayor of the City of Holdfast Bay following the Council elections, receiving more than 50 percent of the first preference vote.

Brighton Ward has provisionally elected Rosemary Clancy, Jane Mary Fleming and Robert (Bob) Snewin.

Seacliff Ward has provisionally elected Annette Bradshaw, Clare Lindop and Susan Lonie.

Somerton Ward has provisionally elected William Miller, Mikki Bouchee and John Smedley.

Glenelg Ward, with a field of ten candidates, will require a preferential count in the coming week as no candidate received quota in their own right.

Please note that these results are all provisional until officially ratified by the Electoral Commission of South Australia, expected to be at some stage in the coming week.