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The following publications inform Council’s strategic directions and objectives. These documents are regularly reviewed and updated as required by legislation or in response to changes and community expectations.

Our Place 2030 Strategic Plan

‘Our Place’ 2030 Strategic Plan is Council’s primary forward planning document. It looks to the future of the City of Holdfast Bay to 2030.

The Annual Business Plan

The Annual Business Plan defines our objectives for the year, the activities required to deliver our strategic objectives along with how we will monitor and measure our performance. In addition, it contains a summary of proposed revenue and expenditure required to deliver our program, developed within the context of our Long-Term Financial Plan and Asset Management Plans.

Our Annual Business Plan outlines Council’s priorities and program of works for the next 12 months. It allocates funding for key projects and services and shows what you will receive for your rates.

The Annual Report

The Annual report shows how Council has progressed towards its key objectives and is working towards achieving the Community Vision.

Fees and Charges

Section 188 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that Council may impose fees and charges by resolution.

Council is required to review the fees and charges annually.

The Long Term Financial Plan

The report shows how Council has progressed towards its key objectives and is working towards achieving the Community Vision

The Open Space and Public Realm Strategy

The Open Space and Public Realm Strategy guides development and management of parks, reserves, recreation facilities and other public spaces until 2030.

Holdfast Bay Tourism Plan 2020

The Holdfast Bay Tourism Plan 2020 provides a framework to guide the management and development of the local tourism industry over the next three years.

Youth Action Plan 2018-2023

The Holdfast Bay Youth Action Plan guides the role of Council, in particular Council’s Youth and Recreation Officer and HoldUp Youth Committee regarding the provision of youth services and opportunities across our community.

Arts & Culture Strategy 2019-2024

This Strategy and Action Plan provides a framework that guides the coordination, promotion, management and investment in Arts and Culture across the city for the next five years.

Play Space Action Plan 2019-2029

The Play space Action Plan has been developed prioritising investment for play spaces across the City. This plan outlines short, medium and long term actions over the next 10 years.

Quality of Life and Business Confidence Reports and Summaries

Asset Management Plans

Community Land Management

Council has developed Community Land Management Plans for all of its community land. The purpose of the Management Plans are to outline what the land will be used for, how it will be managed and what activities will be permitted on the land – assisting Council’s ongoing management of the land.

Council owned land not listed as Community Land is listed on an exclusion list.