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The Local Battle of the Bands’ is an event where youths have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a local bands’ competition in Holdfast Bay. The competition will take place on the Glenelg Foreshore in front of the Stamford Grand on:

  • Saturday 27 November and;
  • Sunday 28 November

The aim of this event is to provide a paid professional development opportunity for local youth bands to perform on a live stage with studio-level sound and lighting as well as compete for fantastic prizes. A generic backline will be provided to ensure a quick and smooth transition between each performing band. This generic backline will consist of a drum kit, amps for lead and bass guitar, keys, microphone, and stands. Successful bands will be paid a performance fee of $150 as a contribution towards your time, travel, and equipment costs.

In order to cater to all skill levels, we have broken the competition into two sections, “Open” and “School-Based”, which will perform on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. As we have a set number of performance spaces available, we are requesting that bands submit an expression of interest to compete, and then selection will be based on experience, skill level, and compatibility with the event.

Each day will have a headlining act and an MC to ensure that our event is high-profile and achieves a production value commensurate with our obligations to both our sponsors and the competing bands.

As well as payment for your performance, we will be awarding prizes to the winning and runner-up bands from both events.

Open Competition Prizes:

  • Winners- a paid gig at a major City of Holdfast Bay event plus a mentoring and recording package, and a photography package
  • Runners Up- Mentoring and photography package.

School-Based Competition Prizes:

  • Winners: a paid gig at Beach Burrito, mentoring and recording package, and a photography package.
  • Runners Up - Mentoring and photography package.

Guidelines for the Open and School-Based categories

Open Event – Sat 27 Nov

  • Aged 12-25
  • Bands must consist of 3+ members
  • May include anyone from the school-based section
  • At least one member must live in the City of Holdfast Bay or the City of Marion
  • Bands must submit one original composition and if selected, perform at least two original compositions at the competition

School-Based Event – Sun 28 Nov

  • Must be enrolled in school
  • Members must be at least 12 years of age
  • All-levels of playing and experience are welcome.
  • At least one member must live in the City of Holdfast Bay or the City of Marion or be enrolled in a school within the City of Holdfast Bay or the City of Marion
  • Bands must submit one original composition and if selected, perform at least one original composition at the competition
Key dates to remember

Open Competition

4.30 – 8.30pm Saturday 27 November

School-Based Competition

4.30 – 8.30pm Sunday 28 November

Final Date to lodge your bands expression of interest for this event

9pm Sunday 10 October 2021

Please note that your application does not secure a performance.
All applicants will be notified by 5pm Thursday 21 October.

If you have any questions please contact Melissa Priest, Youth and Recreation Coordinator on 8229 9881 or email

The final date to lodge an EOI application is 9pm Sunday 10 October 2021.

Checklist before completing your Registration Form
  • Do I have my key contact details on hand?
  • Do I have a short description of my band? This might include how long you've played together for, a description of your sound, and your key influences (3-5 sentences is fine!).
  • Have I included any previous recording or performance history? This information can just be a list of dot-points, it's ok if you don't have any so far!
  • Do I have a file or link to my band's original song submission?

- This could be a video or audio file

- This could be a link to your song uploaded on Soundcloud, Youtube or Spotify etc.

- You can also use a recording on your smartphone, as long as it is audible

  • Do I have some socials links to share? (Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.)
  • Do I have a photograph of my band?
  • Have a guardian and I read the Terms and Conditions?

Registration form

Frequently Asked Questions

If our band is selected to perform how much will we be paid?

Your band will be paid $150 for your performance as a contribution towards your time and expenses.

What is the length of performance for each band?

Each band will have between 12 to 15 minutes to perform at the competition. We expect this to allow for three songs.

Do we need to perform three original songs if selected to compete?

For 'School Based' bands you will be required to perform a minimum of one original song and for 'Open' bands you will be required to perform a minimum of two original songs'.

What is the format of this event?

We have organised for professional technicians and support staff to come in to set up the stage with all the bells and whistles such as lighting and sound. We will also have a generic backline to ensure quick change overs between competing bands. We have planned for 12 competing bands and 2 headlining acts across the two days and have allocated each category a grand prize and a runner’s up prize that is intended to develop these bands and keep them performing. You will notice that each day will cater to a different category of entrants and the more popular open category has been purposefully booked in for the busier Saturday night. Finally, to really boost this event, we are bringing in an MC and DJs to add to the atmosphere.

Who will be judging the panel?

We have an esteemed judging panel, including a member from HoldUp Youth Committee, a member of the Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee and a music and events specialist.

What will the judging criteria consist of?

Bands will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Musical ability and band cohesion
  • Material- do the songs selected highlight the bands strength and work well together
  • Stage presence
  • Creativity
  • Having fun
  • Audience reaction
  • Original songs
What are the prizes for winning bands?

Open Event – 1st prize

  • Paid gig at City of Holdfast Bay major event
  • Mentoring and recording package
  • Photography package

Open Event – 2nd prize

  • Mentoring package
  • Photography package

School-Based Event – 1st prize

  • Paid gig at Beach Burrito (sponsored by Beach Burrito)
  • Mentoring and recording package
  • Photography package

School-Based Event – 2nd prize

  • Mentoring package
  • Photography package
Who are HoldUp Youth?

The HoldUp Youth committee is composed of 12-25 year olds that live, work, study and play in Holdfast Bay and are passionate about improving the opportunities, status, standing and influence of youth. This can range from collating youth opinions all the way to holding events designed for youths.

Find out more information at or

Who can I contact for more information?

Melissa Priest, Youth and Recreation Coordinator, City of Holdfast Bay

Ph: 8229 9999 E: