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The Program Offers:

One hour one-on-one consultations with a business advisor for $20 per session.

Connection to specialised services and advice including:

  • General
  • Strategic marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Human resources, work health safety and workforce planning
  • Innovation and transformation
  • International trade and export

If you have any questions about this service please get in contact with us at

If your business is outside of the Holdfast Bay council area and you are located in the cities of Marion or Onkaparinga this service is available to your business.

General Business Advisor

Martin Pike

Martin Pike, General Business and Strategic Marketing

Martin’s passion is finding out what’s key to making businesses tick by identifying and addressing critical ‘weak spots’ with owners. Martin’s style is relaxed but clear and his insights have helped many business owners across all industry sectors. Martin’s motto is “straightforward business success”.

Martin started working as business advisor in 1994 and has worked with more than 350 business owners across all industry sectors.

Martin is easy to work with and focused on your success. Martin helps business owners identify and act on the factors that are critical to making your business more successful.

Martin works with companies that are moving into new products/markets, expanding and growing, looking for a new direction, recognize a need to change or require assistance to implement projects. Martin brings a strong background of experience from working with diverse companies in a wide variety of fields to each project.

As business generalists Martin works across all sectors and with all types of organisations and businesses to help improve performance. Martin has helped clients win awards in tourism, sporting club of the year, national regional business of the year and export marketing.

Martin has a background in the building and construction sector and has worked with builders, suppliers to the industry and most trades.

Recent clients include supermarkets, wholesale distributor, online marketers, manufacturers, dress shops, service providers, hairdressers, hardware suppliers, food producers, medical suppliers, builders and trades, creative organisations, hospitality providers to name a few.

Martin has managed industry development projects, hosted and facilitated forums and feasibilities for Regional Development Boards and Councils and undertake economic development work for government funded panels

Martin supports business owners because he is passionate about helping people get what they really want from their business

Amanda Wood

Amanda Wood, General Business

She is a senior executive, with experience leading state and national business advisory teams, but her clients have also valued Amanda’s practical, hands-on experience, managing and growing a significant-sized and complex manufacturing services business over many years, as Managing Director.

Amanda’s knowledge and practical experience runs quite deep in areas including Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Financial Analysis, Grant Writing, Mentoring, and Business Leadership. She is comfortable and effective working with clients across most industries, and has served on several significant business grant panels, which have awarded grants ranging from $20,000 up to several million $.

This self-confessed “business nerd” was instrumental in the establishment of a “Business Enterprise Centre” in the South, in the early 2000’s, and has recently provided her advice and support directly to hundreds of individual businesses in Southern Adelaide through a Council and State Government initiative. She has served on many business related boards or initiatives.

Amanda has a strong armoury of professional and business resources and connections to bring to the table to support you and your business. She will work with you to identify some possible strategies or pathways to growth or improvement, and refer you to other advisors for additional sessions within this Program, as applicable.

One of Amanda’s favourite rants is “If you don’t know where you’re going, how the heck can you expect to get there? Driving around looking for something, without a destination and a map, is a sure way to waste a lot of energy and expense!”

Digital Marketing

Fiona Blinco

Fiona Blinco - Digital Marketing

Fiona has worked with numerous small businesses across southern Adelaide in understanding and growing their online presence. From developing websites, working on Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques or email marketing.

Fiona understands the nuts and bolts of good website design and has experience and knowledge about how to convert website visitors to leads and sales. She audits websites and is able to give an objective, professional view on how a business looks online and the likelihood of it getting results.

Fiona manages Google and social media advertising, email marketing and SEO for many clients. Understanding how these strategies work, and when and where to use them are an essential part of the today's toolkit for businesses. Whether it's being able to better understand the language and delivery of services provided by professionals or attempting to do-it-yourself, digital marketing has come of age. Fiona helps small business owners navigate the plethora of digital marketing options.

Human Resources

Evelyn Pollard

Evelyn Pollard, Human Resources, Work Health Safety and Workforce Planning

Drawing upon extensive experience in human resource management, work health safety, injury management, customer service, change management and continuous improvement.

Evelyn works closely with businesses to navigate the complex legislative environment that surrounds looking after their people. Evelyn has assisted businesses across many industry sectors including micro-business, engineering, fitness, local and state government, manufacturing, regional businesses, small-medium enterprises, state government and transport.

Transformation and Innovation

Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards, Transformation and Innovation Advisor

Andrew is a Marketing, Strategy and Product Development senior executive who has consistently delivered high growth and sustained business results across a broad range of markets and industry sectors. He has substantial experience with helping build companies through transformational changes that enhance growth.

Andrew is committed to performance, goal setting and measurement, and excels at building strategic partnerships.

Export and International Trade

Anthony Coles

Anthony Coles, Export and International Trade Advisor

With broad industry sector and International business experience, Anthony has held roles as Start-up Founder, Investor/ Fund Raiser, Executive Coach, GM (Sales & Marketing) & ultimately, CEO of an ASX-Listed Company.

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