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Healthy Holdfast Bay

We know you want to be your healthiest and happiest you. You will find details  on the great opportunities within the City of Holdfast Bay which will help you to:

Get Active in Holdfast Bay

We have lots of great opportunities to lead active lifestyles here in the City of Holdfast Bay:

  • Winter, Wellies and Wilderness Challenge: Our 2018Winter, Wellies and Wilderness challenge will run throughout the month of July. It's a great opportunity for families to put on your winter woolies and get outdoors for some fun activities!

    We've made up some exciting, free activity packs which can be collected from Glenelg or Brighton Library from Saturday, 30 June. They contain lots of little bits and pieces that you can use to complete our many fun activities including making your very own seed head’, 4 exciting scavenger hunts and instructions for giant bubbles! The packs will be suitable for children aged 5-12 years old.

    All you need to do is head to one of the libraries, register yourself at the front desk and pick up your pack to start your outdoor challenge!

  • Parks, Beaches and play spaces: Visit one of our great parks, beaches or play spaces. There are lots of free activities you can do with your family and friends when you get there, such as playing some cricket on the beach, going exploring through one of our gullies or collecting some leaves and flower to make nature art.

  • Walking and Cycling Trails: Walk to school or work along our footpaths or visit our Walking and Bike Trails page to find a walking or riding trail to visit on the weekend.

  • Events and Activities: Keep an eye out for fun exercise activities on our What’s On page. Some of the events we’ve run in the past include DJ yoga as well as boxing and cross training through the FREE Glenelg Live Life Get Active program!

  • Public Facilities: Visit one of our many free public courts or outdoor gyms, these can be found by using the search function on our Parks & Reserves page.

  • Walking Groups: Join one of our many Heart Foundation Walking Groups for a weekly walk finished with a cup of tea and a chat.

For more information about the benefits of physical activity take a look at the Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines.

Eat Well in Holdfast Bay

We have lots of handy resources to help you and your family eat well in The City of Holdfast Bay:

  • Events and Workshops: Keep an eye on our What’s On page for healthy eating and cooking workshops. Some of the events we run include cooking in the community garden, making a HEALTHY ice-cream alternative, and a healthy eating storytime at  Brighton Library.

  • Healthy Lunch Ideas: Try making some healthy school/work lunches using these tips and resources:
    For ideas on how to include the 5 food groups read our Healthy Lunchbox Ideas(366 kb) resource or try some of our recipes in our Healthy Lunchbox Recipe Book(901 kb)!

  • Healthy Outlets:  We have lots of great restaurants and cafés in the City of Holdfast Bay. Our Healthy Kid’s Menu  shows our registered healthy eating venues in the area.
    If you are the owner/manager of one of our many restaurants or cafés and would like to be registered with HKM, visit the Healthy Kids Menu Guide for Business.

  • Community Gardens: Did you know the City of Holdfast has a community garden at Glenelg North and there is a new community garden proposed in Brighton? Check out our Community Gardens page. It's a way to meet people in the community, whilst also learning about growing your own food and discovering new foods!

Check out the Australian Dietary Guidelines for more information about the importance of healthy eating and helpful resources about how to eat well.

Strengthen Your Mental Wellbeing in Holdfast Bay

Along with keeping our bodies physically healthy, it's important to keep our minds healthy. Good mental health enables us to work at our full potential, cope with day-to-day stress, be involved with our local communities and cope with sudden changes and challenges. Some great ways to improve/maintain your mental health are:

  • Join a Local Group: Get involved with your local sports or community club. Find clubs near your using the SA Community Directory.
  • Staying Active: Exercise for free at one of our outdoor gyms (Wigley Reserve, & John Miller Reserve) or go for a run or swim at one of our beaches. 
  • Local Programs: Join in a yoga or exercise class at one of our Community Centres
  • Events and Workshops: Keep an eye on our What’s On page for any workshops we may be running around the community.
  • Get Creative:  This could include painting, drawing, reading, writing or even making or listening to music. Visit one of our Libraries to borrow a book, CD or movie. You could even ask one of our friendly staff for a recommendation.
  • Be Social: Visit one of our parks or cafés for some fresh air and a chat with a friend, or you could join one of our social groups listed on our Social Programs page.
  • Get outdoors: Being outdoors is one of the best ways to clear your mind and refresh your body. It can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk to one of our great parks or beaches, doing some work in the garden with your family or just sitting out the back with a cup of tea.
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