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Council Publications

The following publications inform Council’s strategic directions and objectives.  These documents are regularly reviewed and updated as required by legislation or in response to changes and community expectations.

Our Place Community Plan

‘Our Place’ Community Plan 2012 - 2015 is Council’s primary forward planning document. It looks to the future of the City of Holdfast Bay for the next 20 years. It specifically focuses on the next four years with an emphasis on continuity and a range of services that will allow us to respond to a rapidly changing world.

The Corporate Plan 2014

The Corporate Plan serves as one of Council's primary strategic documents.  The Corporate Plan focuses on strategies that Council uses to shape its internal processes to ensure organisational resources are efficiently and effectively deployed to deliver the outcomes of the Strategic Plan and improve the delivery of services, organisational efficiency and accountability.

 The Annual Business Plan

The Annual Business Plan defines our objectives for the year, the activities required to deliver our strategic objectives along with how we will monitor and measure our performance. In addition, it contains a summary of proposed revenue and expenditure required to deliver our program, developed within the context of our 20 year Long-Term Financial Plan and Asset Management and Infrastructure Plan.

The Annual Report

The report shows how Council has progressed towards its key objectives and is working towards achieving the Community Vision.

 The Long Term Financial Plan

A Long Term Financial Plan enables Council to ensure that it can fund its programs and services to the community over the longer term.

Investment Prospectus

The Holdfast Bay Investment Prospectus which showcases Holdfast Bay as a desirable destination to live, work, visit and invest.
It highlights our key strengths and provides an overview of our social, economic and environmental contexts.

City of Holdfast Bay Demographic

The City of Holdfast Bay and Suburb Demographic Overview has been prepared by Strategic and Commercial Services using data from the 2011 ABS Census of Population and Housing.

The City of Holdfast Bay profile has been indexed against Greater Adelaide and the suburb profiles have been indexed against the City of Holdfast Bay. The index shows how similar or dissimilar the study area is, compared with the indexed area.

For further information please contact Strategic and Commercial Services at the City of Holdfast Bay on 08 8229 9858 or via email

Quality of Life and Business Confidence Reports and Summary
Asset Management Plans

Our City Assets team has Asset Management Plans for the assets that we are responsible for. 

Community Land Management

Council has developed Community Land Management Plans for all of its community land.  The purpose of the Management Plans are to outline what the land will be used for, how it will be managed and what activities will be permitted on the land – assisting Council’s ongoing management of the land

Council owned land not listed as Community Land is listed on an exclusion list.

Hard copies of these plans are available for viewing at:

  • The Council’s Civic Centre, 24 Jetty Road Brighton 5048
  • The Brighton Library, 20 Jetty Road Brighton 5048
  • The Glenelg Library, 2 Colley Terrace Glenelg 5045

Copies may be obtained from the Council’s Civic Centre, 24 Jetty Road Brighton, upon request. Please be aware that a small charge may apply.

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