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Permits and Applications

Certain activities in the City of Holdfast Bay require a permit or an application, ranging from planning and building applications, through to something as simple as notifying us of changes in your name or address.

Application forms can be found on relevant pages throughout our website, along with further information about why you need to apply for a permit or licence.  You can use the list below to quickly download the forms that you need.

Event & Filming Applications

If you are looking to hold an event, please click here for more detailed information and all the required forms.

Personal Training Permits

If you are a Personal Trainer, please click here for the permit information.

Leisure Activity Application Conditions & Permits

pdf Buskers Application Form(37 kb)
Application form for a Busking Permit

pdf Outdoor Dining Application Form for Community Land 2017-2018(219 kb)

pdf Outdoor Dining Application Form for Public Road 2017-2018(240 kb)

pdf Street Party Application Form(24 kb)

Applications relevant to Businesses

No items available to list.

Animal Management Application Forms

pdf 3rd Dog Application Form(258 kb)

pdf Horse on Foreshore Application(35 kb)

Waste Management Application Forms

pdf Industrial Bin Materials on Road Application(165 kb)

Other Miscellaneous Application Forms

pdf Applications - Palm Fronds(479 kb)

pdf Badge day Permit Conditions and Application 2017(710 kb)

pdf Mobile Trader's Policy(156 kb)

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