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About Local Government Elections

Councils are part of the democratic framework of Australia. The community elects their Council Members every four years and the next general election happens in 2018. With nearly 360,000 people voting in 2014 state wide, Council elections are the biggest single voluntary civic participation activity in the State. Information about the 2018 Council elections can be found on this page:

Under the Local Government (Elections) Act, the Electoral Commissioner of SA (ECSA) is the returning officer for all Council elections. Find ECSA information here:

Enrolling to vote

At the time of council elections, if you are already on the State Electoral roll (in this Council area) to vote in State elections then you will automatically be on the Council voters roll and will receive voting papers by post.
However, if you are a landlord, business lessee or resident non-Australian citizen you will no longer be automatically included on the Council roll.  
If you wish to vote in the 2018 Council elections will need to enrol by completing the appropriate enrolment form and return to council after 1 January 2018.

Resident not on the State Electoral roll or a Sole Owner or Sole Occupier 
Use this Application for Enrolment when owner or occupier is a person.
 Council Enrolment Form 1 - Resident(59 kb)

Business or Organisation, Sole Owner or Occupier 

Use this Application for Enrolment for Body Corporates A designated person is required to vote on behalf of the Body Corporate.
Council Enrolment Form 2 - Business(59 kb)

Group of Owners or Occupiers 

Use this Application for Enrolment for property owned or occupied by more than one person and/or a business/organisation. A designated person is required to vote on behalf of the Group.
 Council Enrolment Form 3 - Groups(61 kb)

Further Information

If you are unsure whether you are on the Council voters roll, Contact our Rates Department on 8229 9999.


The Council area is divided into four wards, with three Councillors representing each ward. Ward boundaries are reviewed periodically or when the number of electors per ward varies by more than 20% from other wards. 

Click here for more information about the City of Holdfast Bay Wards

Nominating as a candidate for election

Most people who are on the council voters roll can stand for election.

Becoming a councillor is one of the most direct ways that you can influence decisions that affect the quality of life in your local area.

If you are interested in representing the people of your community on council, the Electoral Commission of SA and the LGA(SA) provide a range of resources to help you understand the role and responsibilities of being a councillor.

The updated resources will be available in early 2018, however, you can find information from the 2014 elections here.

It is important to note that there may be changes to this information as a result of pending changes to the Local Government Act 1999 and the Local Government Elections Act 1999. The 2014 information should be read for background information only. 

The council will run an information seminar for candidates during August 2018. Details will be available on this website and in the council’s messenger column. 

Nomination process

Nominations for the 2018 local government elections open Tuesday 4 September 2018 and close Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 12 noon. During this time, you must complete and lodge a nomination form which is available from you council and other advertised locations.

You will also be asked to lodge a 150-word candidate profile and a ‘head shoulders’ photograph which will be published on a candidates’ website.

You should refer to the 2018 candidate resources for more information about the nomination process and requirements once they become available in early 2018.

2018 Councils Elections timetable
  • Roll close
  • 5pm Fri 10 Aug 2018                        
  • Nominations Open
  • Tues 4 Sept 2018
  • Nominations Close
  • 12 noon Tues 18 Sept 2018
  • Mail out of voting materials
  • Mon 22 - Fri 26 Oct 2018
  • Close of voting 
  • 5pm Fri 9 Nov 2018
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